∎ GT-a

•Address A: Piazza A.Peyron 9, 10143, Torino, Italy. •Address B: 102-5 Okubo-cho, Kashihara-shi, Nara, Japan / 奈良県橿原市大久保町102-5
•Cel: +39 338-4548503.
•E-mail B:

Gt-a is an Architecture practice founded in January 2021, based between Torino and Tokyo.
We belive that situations,circumstances,objects are the roots of architecture.
Everything has been already done from Humans or Nature, our goal and mission is to take those elements, re-use, re-invent and bring them to a new life.
Ingredients, and the World is our Market.

∎ Giacomo Tomidei

Licenced Architect n. 10039.

Former Architect at:
Studio Rolla, Torino, Italia.
Atelier du Pont, Paris, France.
Elemental, Santiago, Chile.
Sou Fujimoto Architects, Tokyo, Japan.

∎ Rika Tanaka / 田中 里佳

Architectural designer, Licenced Interior coordinator N.220802A / 建築デザイナー、インテリアコーディネーター.

Former Architect at:
IAO Takeda architects associates, Osaka. 一 IAO竹田設計
Sou Fujimoto Architects, Tokyo, Japan. 一 藤本壮介建築設計事務所