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•Designer: Giacomo Tomidei.
•Title: Invisible.
•Date: April, 2019.
•Private Client.
•Design Object.
•Location: Torino, Italy.

The "Invisible" bookshelf is designed to hide the necessary and show the superfluous. Objects that show our personality are suspended in a deception of glass and steel with a structure that tends to disappear, precisely to give more importance to what you want to show.

•Details Photos. (n.7).

The rigid volume is made entirely of wood, the doors are lacquered to hide the fibers and grain of the wood and to create a continuous effect along its entire length. The shelf, on the other hand, is left natural, creating a visual contrast during the transition of the panels from close to open. Inside, all the necessary accessories for home life will find space, thus becoming invisible. In fact, the television is hidden inside the bookcase by a sliding panel that detects its presence only when it is used.

• Drawings. (Plan, Elevation).


The heavy wooden structure is supported in mid-air by 2cm iron profiles that give it lightness. Steel cables and glass tops find space inside these profiles thus creating a canvas in which to insert your own books that seem to float inside. The perfect symmetry makes it a perfectly modular model for any type of wall.

•Axonometric Drawing.


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