©GT-a, River, Vista Assonometrica, 20 aprile 2021.


©GT-a, River, Axonometric View, 20 April 2021.

∎ GT-a, River F005.

•Designer: Giacomo Tomidei.
•Structure: Alessandro Garzanti.
•Title: River.
•Date: April, 2021.
•Private Client.
•Design Object.
•Location: Torino, Italy.

"River" is a table designed especially for Torino Vice 001 which, as the name suggests, flows like a river, according to the needs of the day. The top is specially chosen to give the impression of water and the multiple facets that are created when the sun meets its liquid surface.

•Saturday Sliding. (a,b,c,d).


With a thickness of just two centimeters and a length of almost two meters, a marble slab is the centerpiece of this creation, which by design is able to slide, deceiving its weight.

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The structure is made of especially raw, pickled metal to contrast the cleanliness and perfection of the carefully cut stone. Just as the use of the house changes according to the time of day, so the table changes, following the daily cycle.

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In the morning, the table can be used for a more intimate breakfast in the kitchen; during meal preparation, it increases the kitchen workspace and works as a cutting board, thanks to the resistance capacity; for lunch and dinner meals, it becomes a comfortable table for six people; and in the evening, it can slide, leaving the living room larger.