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•Designer: Giacomo Tomidei.
•Title: Water Drops.
•Date: July 2021.
•Private Client.
•Design Object.
•Location: Tokyo, Japan.

“Water Drops” is a lamp created specifically for a private home. A truncated cone made of plaster that with its considerable dimensions (two meters in diameter) dominates the center of the room. The external gray volume is left white inside to allow the light to reflect more on the internal walls of the cone.

The lighting body is integrated with a strip-shaped LED, mounted on a circular wooden profile. This ring, anchored to the ceiling with steel tie rods, floats inside the cone thanks to the reduced size of a few centimeters to ensure that it is perceived as separate from the main volume but also to leave a perimeter with a different illumination, not filtered.The light is filtered by a special handmade Japanese paper made by 西 田 裕 (Nishida Yuu) which follows a particular manufacturing process. Drops of water are made to fall, from different heights and of different quantities, when the fibers are not yet dry. This procedure allows breaking the dense texture of the paper in a non-uniform and irregular way so as to make the surface a single piece, free from industrial processes.


The falling drops enhance the metaphor of the table ( "River") that flows inside the wall. The passage of time and the river, the falling drops, now in the form of particles of light, and which are reflected by the almost crystalline marble surface of the table, create a space born and conceived as a fluid motion.

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